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Brewer’s Gold


A good choice for a bitter finish with spicy and blackcurrant notes

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Brewer’s Gold were selected by Ernest Stanley Salmona at Wye College in England in 1919, it’s the result of the open pollination of a wild hop sourced from Morden, Manitoba. Despite its initial popularity, the advent of super-alpha hop varieties in the 1980’s, cause the losing of interest from a commercial perspective. Brewer’s Gold is still a good choice for late bittering aroma with spices and blackcurrant notes. It was used to breed notable varieties like Galena, Nugget, Centennial and many others and still used for breeding. Vigorous variety, it features an incredibly high yield and disease resistence. Tests performed in Italy, show that this variety is strongly aromatic with an high concentration of oils.

Its spring tips in brine are used in the USA food industry.

Alpha Acid 7.1%-11.3%
Beta Acid 3.3%-6.1%
Co-Humulone Composition 3.3%-6.1%
Myrcene 66.7%
Humulene 11.6%


Style: Bitter
Actual stage: Vegetative
Substitutes: Cascade



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